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Finally shot my G-34 upper... interesting difference from G17... ???s

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I bought a Glock 34 upper off the forums last fall but never got to shoot it until today... Kind of sad huh?

Regardless, I noticed that it was much harder to keep the Glock 34 on target for quick double taps and I really had to clamp down on the grip and even then I had jump... I found myself constangly needing to drop my sights down to find the target...

When I switched back to the G-17 upper I was pleased to see my exra effort to keep the G-34 upper on target pretty much got me to hold the G-17 upper on the target and I got some really quick doubles and tripples off with the Glock 17.

Is this a comon issue with the Glock 34 and other long slides?

I assume it is because of the extra weight of the slide and longer barrel but I am going to have to teach myself to shoot the Glock 34. I guess the nice side of this will be that if I master the Glock 34 I should be really good with the Glock 17 when done.

Somehow I didn't expect this and I was curious if my experience is what others found when they started with the longslides or is this a sign I have been limp wristing the G-17 and finally got caught?
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I just took the slide off my G17 and G34 and weighed them. Both are almost exactly 13 oz (with barrel/spring removed). Barrel/spring on both are very close to 5 oz.
The weight on the G34 is probably distributed differntly, and I think that's what you're seeing. If you have a longer item (same mass, which they appear to be) recoiling the same it should take a bit longer to get the longer one lined up again.

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Own 34 seemed really nose-heavy at 1st. for a while. eventually got used to it and now 17 with same PF ammo seems excessively jumpy to me. Have fooled around with spring weights and powders and bullet weights 'til was saisfied tho'......... Tracks really well now, others comment that the muzzle "never moves" during speed-shoots, etc.

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To me the 34 seems a lot faster and easier to shoot than the 17 - first time I've heard the opposite.

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Stainless steel or, better yet, an extended tungsten guide rod from Custom Glock Racing and a 13# IMSI spring, help "plant" the muzzle on target for my G34 a little better than stock. YMMV.
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