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Guys finally ready for production is the old school Sig P220 Triggers and the P6 Short Triggers. I have a few already heading out and more on the way. I ll have better pictures soon on the site of the new 220 old school trigger.

So here is your chance to finally get a short trigger that no one else is offering. This is not a modified stock 239 trigger, this is a brand new CNC machined trigger.

I ve tested 500 rounds through my P6 on the aluminum base trigger. This was to be just a prototype, but ended up working very well with no signs of wear.

The P6 trigger is a little flatter and wider then a stock trigger , offering a better grip surface for you finger.

I am offering them in both Billet Air Craft Aluminum 6061 and 1018 CRS Steel.

The Aluminum triggers run $45 .
The Steel triggers run $55 .
Nickel plated steel triggers run $65 .

I have P6 Triggers in stock and ready to go in both aluminum and steel. Along with a few nickel plated ones. Nickel plated controls aren't dull sheen like you see offered on stock parts. But more brilliant chrome like. I can offer a dull sheen to the nickel plate if you desire. Just inform me when ordering. No extra charge on the dull sheen.

Here are a few of the P6 pictures. The trigger is reduced about .220 , or roughly 1/4". Substantially changing the finger placement for those with smaller hands you ll find this to be a great help in reaching the trigger. For those with gloves in winter time, you ll enjoy the extra room for your glove finger.

For the Old school 220 trigger, its basically the same trigger setup available in both normal pull and short trigger configurations. These are smooth face, no ribs and again a little flatter wider then the stock 220 trigger offering better finger placement.

Here is stock trigger P6 Application

Here is the aluminum P6 Short Trigger version.

Again stock P6

Here is the aluminum P6 Short Trigger version.

Please email with any questions


[email protected]
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