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Absolutly awesome! Talk about Glock perfection...I think they had it right on the 2nd gen models. A couple of weeks ago I traded my 3rd gen G17 for a 2nd gen G17 that was in every bit as good a shap as mine and I finally got to shoot it today. It was awesome:supergrin: It is absolutely the best I've ever shot with a Glock. I can see on this gun the difference in the finish of the older guns and the new ones...the slide finish is a very dull, black, matte finish, not shiny like the new ones. This gun looks and shoots like new (the tupperware case even matches!).

The G19 is an old PD gun that I've talked about before, and I shot it as well. I didn't do as good with it as I did the 17, but I still like it a whole lot better than the 3rd gen G19. The only problem I had is that one of the mags wouldn't lock the slide back when empty. I need to get some extra mags anyway as I've only got one 15rd and one 10rd for that one.

I shot some other stuff (I'll talk about them in the non-Glocking forum :) ), but it has been a fantastic day!
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