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Finally, brand new to theGlock family with a new G20 gen4 for Christmas!

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Hello from Rockwall TX. My woods carry gun has always been a 6" 357 mag. I wanted a semi auto pistol and have been doing tons of research. First decided on the 10mm round because of comparable magnum performance. Next was platform. The Glock 20 has a reputation online of being the best shooting 10mm on the market. Never owned (or fired) a Glock or a 10mm and off I jumped with a leap of faith. After 200 rounds on Christmas day I can say "I AM IN LOVE!" At 15 yards I was consistently 1-2" high and 1-2" left. I am a lefty and did switch out the mag release "felt like a gun smith or something" after some online video. I ordered the Glock adjustable rear sight today to help get in the bulls eye. Thanks to you all for all of your post that allowed me to make a great decision on my new favorite side arm!
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Welcome to Glock Talk, from San Antonio Texas. Congrats on the Glock 20 and $300 for a 1000 rounds of 10mm is a great price.

Any questions you have on any of the Glock pistols you should be able to get them answered by fellow Glock owners out here on this forum.

Again welcome, GDoc
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