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Finally, brand new to theGlock family with a new G20 gen4 for Christmas!

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Hello from Rockwall TX. My woods carry gun has always been a 6" 357 mag. I wanted a semi auto pistol and have been doing tons of research. First decided on the 10mm round because of comparable magnum performance. Next was platform. The Glock 20 has a reputation online of being the best shooting 10mm on the market. Never owned (or fired) a Glock or a 10mm and off I jumped with a leap of faith. After 200 rounds on Christmas day I can say "I AM IN LOVE!" At 15 yards I was consistently 1-2" high and 1-2" left. I am a lefty and did switch out the mag release "felt like a gun smith or something" after some online video. I ordered the Glock adjustable rear sight today to help get in the bulls eye. Thanks to you all for all of your post that allowed me to make a great decision on my new favorite side arm!
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If I get a bulk order of a thousand rounds that would last me at least 2 years.
Hmmmm. 500 rounds divided by 52 weeks in a year equals 9.6 rounds per week.
Unless you rarely practice with your new prize, you're probably greatly underestimating your anticipated ammo requirements. Just sayin' :kidding:

And :welcome: to GT!
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