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finally a Glock owner,,again

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Finally after a 3 week delay in shipping, today I picked up my new Glock 17 gen 4. but not after some bs. I get there fill out the paper work, show my id and ccw permit, They run the check and say I still gotta wait 3 days for some bs check. I made the accident of marking Hispanic, ( i'm Puerto Rican , born and raised in ny, now living in fl for 13 years).First time this happen to me when I purchased my Ruger gp100 , same ffl . So I did the same thing I did then. I brought my mother to the ffl and she put on the application white and presto, no problem. Really nuts so advice never mark Hispanic unless you have a Hispanic name and can't help it, mark white :wow:Anyway thought id share this funny story, here are some picks, still waiting on mtac, kkm barrel and some sights and I was happy the find ranger bonded at the ffl for 30 bucks
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Great looking Gen4 17 package, and it will be well worth the wait.

I surprised even myself last Friday, as I picked up my 2nd Glock... a Gen4 23.. :rock:
Cool my first was a Glock 22 gen 3 I think, I'm just glad it came with 3 mags , I hear that Glock is shipping them out with 2 now. Hows the availability of ammo out there?. Here its bad, girl in ffl said she had target ammo but handed my 380, she doesn't no much about guns but its ok cause she was really cute :supergrin:
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