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Fast shipping for Fin Feather Fur and Brownells. I placed an order on 6/29/20 paying around .32 rd for fmj major brands and in 115g to 147g. Paid $15.99 for Sellier Bellot 50ct and now that is $19.59. Shipping 10 boxes was $18.84 from Ohio to Washington State. So I paid .35 a round for 9mm practice rounds delivered.

I paid 14.99 at my LGS for PMC 124g fmj 50ct. I was limited to 2 boxes of ammo during purchase of a gun. They offered Remington 115g JHP 50ct for $36.99 .74 round for CC. Didn't want to pay that but like the salesman said to the guy in front of me, "this is what we have, you don't have to buy it, but there is nothing else out there".

I have placed 2 other orders starting on 6/24/20 that have not yet shipped. I placed an order with Brownells on 7/1/20 and that is getting here today 7/7/20. So we have 3 months before the election. Is .34 the new low price until then? The Federal and Speer JHP stock is still available for around .80rd but some have them for $1.30 online?

If you have 3000 rounds of ammo and 24 weeks left in the year, that is 125 rounds a week. I am glad I also bought a .22 pistol because it may get slim picking.
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