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Fighting Pistol class AAR

  1. OK, this may not be the exact spot for the AAR, but since it happened in Indy, and it'll happen again, I'll give it a whirl.

    Holee. Cow.

    I've been to a few classes, but this one really challenged me, physically & mentally. I learned so much in 2 days, I'll be weeks sorting it out in my little pea-brain.....

    Had 3 guys from the Chicago area, 1 from California, and other points in between. 15 in the class total. Good group of people.

    Shay and Aaron are fantastic instructors, down to earth, not a lot of ego involved, just straight stuff. Couple of the students had been through the class before, one drove from Chicago just to assist.

    I don't think I could really do justice to an full AAR right now. You've got to experience it for yourself. That's not a sales pitch, either. :supergrin:

    I'd take the class again in a heartbeat.
  2. I saw your targets and was really impressed how well you did compared to some of the others. If I was looking at the right target it appeared the IMPD officer did quite well too.

    Good job.
  3. Really wanted to go to this class, but my work wouldn't let me. I'm glad everyone enjoyed it. I have the fighting pistol DVD in route to me as we speak via USPS.
  4. Let me know what you think of the DVDs

  5. Thank you sjstill,

    It was a great class. Air conditioning would have helped on the range but other than that I don't have any complaints.


    The students gave their all for two full, dusty, hot, fast-paced days and everyone really improved. The shift in fighting Mindset from day one to the end of day two was remarkable. Along the way we learned and trained some tactics and shooting skills as well.

    Again, great class. I'd like to set up another one this fall if there is student interest.
  6. What does AAR stand for?

    What is the tape over some of the targets? What does it do/mean?
  7. They are just pasting over the holes made in a previous cycle. Helps the shooter to identify which holes he made in the most current cycle.

    They actually make little stickers that are color matched to the cardboard called "pasters" (that's what I use)so that the contrasting color doesn't distract you from your POA, but the tape is cheaper and easier to come by. In a defensive training class like this I guess it doesn't hurt to be a little distracted to sort of simulate real world stuff. Who knows how the bad guy is going to be dressed.
  8. AAR stands for After Action Report.

    As far as the tape on the targets Mpholic got it right. We tape over misses.
  9. I took FP last year at ECPR and it looks like it was just as hot if not hotter this time around. :shocked:

    I thought the class was excellent and as I have been keeping my eye out for other training opportunities around INDY I don't think you will find a better value. The price is right. If you own a pistol you should be taking this IMO.
  10. Definately a sincere and motivated group of shooters and instructors. No one hesitated to help the other. Special kudo's to an Indy notable that saved my bacon both days!! If anyone has ever heard Dr Whitesell's Warrior speech in my opinion all here were Warriors.

    This won't be my last class.

    This should be added to the ILEA firearm phase.
  11. I see a few familiar faces in the photos ... heh.

    I'm glad to hear you guys had a good class. I was at AtlantaCC all weekend, or I would have stopped by to see how things were going.
  12. DVD's come in a 3-disc set. Just finished the first disk. Man, good stuff, makes me wanna take the class even more.