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Member "fibrin".
PJ Cane of Renton, WA 98055 is a (Resolved recieved refund)

Payment sent USPS money order for a Surefire L2 flashlight and seller confirmed recieved in 6-16-06.
Still awaiting delivery by Priority mail 10 days later.
No response to my voice mails, emails or PM.

The seller is a LEO or maybe just a bunch of BS since he has posted on Cop Talk.
I called his cell # and he said he was out of town but would check on it and get back to me 6-21-06.

I noticed he did log on to GlockTalk several times since then and posted on Cop Talk I sent him several PM and emails he has not responded.

I requested any type of documentation or confirmation that the item was sent and he has avioded and ignored all messages.

Any LEO's in the WA area know this POS send me a PM and I will give you more details on his location.
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