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FI model D

  1. I happened upon this little bugger recently... 20191119_115830.jpg ...a Firearms International model D, a micro 1911-ish pistol chambered in .380acp, with a 6+1 capacity, a tilting link barrel, and a windage adjustable rear sight that was manufactured by FI, out of Washington, DC. After a thorough cleaning, a little work to remove some exterior rust on the outside of the barrel at the muzzle, and lastly a feed ramp polish, it looks pretty good for it's age, being produced in the mid 70's. It's got some interesting history, being the precursor to the Colt Mustang...
    The plum-ish bluing of it's frame really pops in the direct sunlight...
    Shown with my EDC for size comparison...
    I'm looking forward to running some rounds through it soon :D
  2. (This was the thread I managed to salvage after mangling my first attempt at it this morning, LOL.)
  3. Nice find. Reminds me of the old Star pistols.
  4. Though the frame was manufactured in the US, a number of it's other parts are Star, and as such this pistol model has a distinct and direct family correlation with Star. The American Handgunner article below from 1977 sums it up quite well...

  5. For a while, this pistol was sold as the Iver Johnson Pony. I owned one then.
  6. That is a nice catch. These are getting hard to find in decent shape, and getting a little pricey

    The plumb frame looks good.

    Let us know how it shoots.
  7. Thanks BBf!

    If I had to guess about the plum color bluing I'd say that it was due to the different grade of steel used for the frame, which in this case was cast vs. machined from billet. And you could hardly tell that it was made from a casting as the machining and finishing on this example are well executed and gorgeous.

    This pistol was another pawn shop find, which I got for what I consider a pretty good price as part of a combination deal on a used Lincoln AC-225 buzz box welder; would you believe both for $400?! ;)


    I'll be sure to post about it's function and accuracy.
  8. Looks just like my Star BM
  9. Owned a couple of the things back when they were new. Good guns, pretty much the only .380 I ever actually liked.

    Enjoy your gun, its one of the good ones.

  10. Never heard of it, but does look "old school", and nice curio.....under $200, I'd imagine.....:D
  11. Thanks Grumpy! I'm really liking this one because of it's (all kneel and :notworthy:) John Moses Browning tilting barrel-swinging link-locking lug designed action. I'm not fond of shooting the little hand hammer blowback operated pistols because they hurt my RA afflicted hands, although I do own quite a few, like a Walther PPK/S, Manhurin PP, and a good number of other related commie guns, simply because I respect and admire their craftsmanship and history :D

    To be honest hoggie, I'd have to claim ignorance of this model too, and I thought that I was aware of most of the Star-ish pistols, but I was wrong...this one had eluded me. I'd seen and looked at it this past Saturday afternoon, and spent some time that night and Sunday doing my usual due diligence on an information quest before I decided to go back there on Monday to purchase it if it was still there, and thankfully it was. The pawn shop where I purchased it had a $399 price tag on it, and they were asking $219 for the Lincoln welder. I'm a good customer so they always throw me a bone; this time, as mentioned above, it was a $400 bone for both, and I thought that was more than acceptable ;)
  12. Throw DrewBone a bone!

    Nice little gun! I haven't shot it or any of the Star siblings. Good catch on a nice, older gun.

    When you say you "both for $400", you meant welder and gun, not the keg, right? If it helps, I own a tap but am currently lacking a keg... just sayin'!

    Congrats on the pawn shop find. My local pawn shop stopped selling guns. Too much hassle. Bummer.
  13. LOL!! Thanks for the humor bg, I appreciate it!

    And yes, it was $400 for the pistol and the welding machine, but there's a story behind the keg. I'd been in the same pawn shop a week prior when I'd seen it there partially covered by a used safety harness, with a pricetag of $99.99 on it. Now I'd been looking for one as the basis for fabricating a propane fired melting furnace for doing some aluminum sand casting work, but didn't want to spend a hundred bucks on one, so I passed on it. Well, I'd gone back the following Saturday and noticed the welder and the FI pistol while perusing their other handgun offerings, and casually asked my bud there what they'd let the keg go for, and to my complete surprise, the owner, who always breaks my balls about bein' a Yankee (LOL) replied, "That keg? It's been sittin' there forever...I need to get rid of it, he can have it." So just like that I had myself a free keg for my furnace project! I didn't purchase the welder or pistol that day, but returned the following Monday and bought them both.

    Thankfully for me there are a good number of pawn shops in my immediate area, which consists of about a 35 mile radius, though there are a few shops that I purposely stay away from because in combinatation with the snooty Richard head attitudes of their owners and staff, they're always asking outrageous prices for junk. To better my chances of being successful in my wheelings and dealings, I've found it imperative to create and maintain a good rapport with the owners and staff, and it's worked, as I've found quite a few excellent deals and enough diamonds in the rough to keep me coming back to those same locations. And the beauty of it is that it's not only a rewarding experience, but can be an exciting experience as well, as you never really know what you're going to find or see after you walk in the door. And even if I walk out with nothing, I still consider it time better spent than just sitting at home vegging out :D

    Take care!
  14. That is awesome! Bummer the keg isn't filled with a tasty beer, but probably better for your project as it is!

    I wish I had better pawn shops. Mine attract the low-end, beat up stuff. Not a lot of nice things show up, so I don't usually stop by.

    Have fun! With all three! Let us know how you like the FI D!
  15. Well, demographics are a key element in respect to alot of different things, from used cars to homes and everything inbetween.

    Now about the contents of the keg, to be honest, I've returned to ameteur beer drinking status, sigh. In my yute I drank enough of it to last me a hundred years, and nowadays I only ocassionally crack open a cold one just for refreshment, i.e., after cutting the small patch of grass beside my home and the cul de sac, or while doing some other minor yard work outside in the heat during the summer, no longer enjoying the feeling of alcohol induced intoxication. I guess it's my body's way of telling me - enough is enough. And I'm perfectly fine with that!

    I'll be sure to update the thread in the future with my shooting experienes with the little guy, thanks :D
  16. Smokin' deal. The last Mod. D I bid on on GB went for more than $400, if memory serves. Not that everyone on GB knows what they are doing. Sometimes you get a great deal. Other times, the bidders know exactly what it is worth.

    The Mod. D is a good little gun.
  17. Yep

    Same thing
  18. Very cool!
  19. I like it!! Congrats!!

    In the Dan Wesson revolver world, we call the purple frames "Barneys" (named after the purple dinosaur).
  20. I have been trying to locate a magazine for the FI D. There are three variations of the magazine. Numrich was no help.
  21. Thanks! Although I still haven't fired it, I'm liking it more and more, and am amazed at it's small size, along with it's apparent quality of workmanship, fit, and finish.

    Thanks! I have a SIG Arms M2, and it's frame also has a similar purple hue to it. And you just had to remind me of Barney?! When my kids were young I must have sat through hundreds of Barney episodes and movies, and thought I'd eventually go bat poop crazy from hearing the theme song over and over and over, LOL.

    When I was doing my initial research on these pistols I came across a magazine source, but I don't think I saved the location, and I didn't know there were different variations of magazines. Could you please share what you know about their differences and perhaps any specific type(s) to look for or avoid? I'd be greatful, thanks!
  22. Very cool purchase.
  23. The three variations that I am aware of are: the original one that comes with the pistol. A variant with a finger rest, and an after market Triple K offering. I understand that the Trple K one doesn’t work very well. I did find one on E bay for $35.00. It has some corrosion I wonder if an Iver Johnson pony magazine would work.