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FFL License

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Has anyone here sought an FFL license for the sole purpose of receiving guns cheaper from the manufacturer, or to have guns shipped to your home?

If so, was the process worth it, and how extensive of a process is it?
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I suggest you go over to the ATF website and read. Then read again. Illegal if sole purpose is not a business I believe. Not to mention the cost and time you would have to put into it with state business regs., taxes, and other things.

I use to know about 5 guys with FFLs in my church who would do transfers for people in our area. Last I heard, only one has kept his due to the pain it became.
I was unaware you were had to keep it in the "dealer" aspect.

The prices are amazing, i've seen gun stores charging $550-$600 for a new Glock, when you can pick them up for $460 brand new with shipping from Glock if you're an FFL.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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