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Few items for sale...............

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1.)One Safariland Glock 17/22 plain finish/nickel snaps double magazine carrier. would pass inspection easily. in great shape.................. 12.00 shipped.

2.)One Uncle Mikes Black Mirage Basketweave /Black snaps double magazine carrier for .45/9mm/ 10 mm single stack mags (1911, ruger p90/sig 220/ 4506 etc.) In awesome shape...............12.00 shipped

3.)one Ruger Factory P-90 .45 ACP Magazine 7 rounder with the black plastic follower. I actually preferred these over the other 8 round magazines.....12.00 shipped.

4.) one Ruger aftermarket unmarked Magazine bluefor Mini-14 Unknown who made it, but i have run ammo thru this with no problem out of my GB This one only if you can have it in your area since it is hi cap. 10.00 shipped..

I can take diferent forms of payment, You can be a pal and pay me or a money order is good.. If you think I am too high on an item, ask, i might let it go for less.

IM me in the private messages.
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need to get rid of these. thanks
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