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Female Athlete Speaks Out Against Transgender Athletes

  1. The sexes are not equal after all??? We have to share our bathrooms with who????

    The least sports organizations can do is allow straights to use drugs and steroids to keep up.
  2. Left wing loonies need to be careful what they ask for. I can't wait until half the women's soccer team is trans!
  3. Some little girl needs to go to a "re-education camp."
    - The Ministry of Truth
  4. Wait.... are biological females allowed to talk about this? Is anyone allowed to say anything about... well, anything?
  5. I think people should compete in their own biological sex competitions, but if they aren't going to do that, then why not create a new 3rd trans competition so they don't mess it up for everyone else?
  6. The Democrats war on women and minorities continues.
  7. Unintended consequences....

    Life is not fair, as some folks are finding out.
  8. The whole trans thing is a cosmic mess, loonie leftists and their feel good virtue signaling.

    I whole heartedly agree with the girl in the video, no trans in female athletic events.

    Personally I think the government will sit on the complaint and after many months or a year or so will write a fluff letter to her saying her complaint, after careful consideration, has been denied. Don
  9. While I applaud her actions, she will likely be graduated from College before her "complaint" is resolved, and most likely not in her favor...just more evidence of our National decline...so sad
  10. But the sexes are equal, aren't they?

    I suspect she'll be attacked by the LGBT community.
  11. Oh, they are intended.
  12. "The Ministry of Truth." Ah yes, that rang a distant bell. I had to look it up to be sure. 1984 was required reading in my first year at Penn State in 1960. More pertinent now than it was back then.
  13. Damn! That "girl" she ran against looked like Sugar Ray Leonard!
  14. I get the feeling that Animal Farm and 1984, are on the ignore, and remove list in college these days. It was written by some white dudes after all.
  15. I guess men are just better at everything. Even being women.
  16. Oh snap!
  17. Nobody cares if you want to be transgender. We care that your competing against women and you have a dick.
  18. The simple solution is to eliminate separate sex categories for sports. No more men's and women's tennis, soccer, track, etc. Just let everyone compete and may the best players, irrespective of gender, win. Same applies to athletic scholarships. Problem solved.
  19. And the pendulum swings.
  20. There should be three categories,
    and ITs
  21. :animlol:Made me laugh to think of the clown show you'd see in the stands at the trans-gender sporting events! There would be plenty of empty seats, but the real show wouldn't be on the track! :crazy:
  22. She's about to find that in the hierarchy of the oppressed, she ranks far below the trans. Now if she wants to attack male privilege, I'm sure the woke will rally for her. (As long as she's not arguing about Islam. That ranks higher.)
  23. I know right. You would probably have a race with 1 person in it who runs the track and collects their "award".
  24. What's next? Healthy people identifying as handicapped or mentally impaired, and taking all the trophies at the Special Olympics?
  25. Actually, this would be a fantastic publicity stunt!
  26. I was wondering when the Female athletes were going to start realizing what they had endorsed, and how it would affect them. She will be labeled as a hater by the leftist loons soon!
  27. This is one I agree with 1000%! Let the female athletes compete with like. Males, same thing. NO male trans competing with women - it's ridiculous.
  28. It's funny too, when this kind of thing was predicted back during the Obama years, people were called homophobic and every other name in the book.

    I just wish Obama's daughters were into track and had to compete against trannies..
  29. On which side of this issue do feminists align?
  30. They dare not answer the question.
  31. Exactly. I’ll quote myself from another thread, “girls and women are the real losers in this”.
  32. IIRC, Martina Navratilova spoke out against biological men competing against biological females. She’s a liberal progressive and they ate her alive. So, so.
  33. It's a conclusive fact that sexuality is fluid among 63 different genders...

    ...Until it isn't...

    :upeyes: :upeyes: :upeyes: :upeyes: :upeyes: :upeyes: :upeyes: :upeyes: :upeyes:

    [/massive sarcasm]
  34. I can't get my biceps past 16" I must have musclure distophy. Can I compete?
  35. [​IMG]
  36. You're asking for everyone to be forced to confront and remember why sports competitions were set up with different categories for men and women in the first place.

    Perhaps next the existence of weight categories will be challenged by the largest and strongest fighters in various sports, and just let the "best" fighters prevail against all comers and win?

    Perhaps the whole notion of "winning" and "winners" will be challenged?

    Strange times in human affairs.
  37. Didn't seem to load...
  38. The average women is built different then the average man. I was a mediocre Basketball player. But when we took on the girls Basketball team. It was like we were playing a 8th grade guys team.

    A couple had good ball handeling ( we were clearly warned by our coach not to make such comments, be very careful with hands, boxing out for rebounds... So we played handicapped to some extent.
    I think I could have done well competing against the girls in many areas.
  39. So, she's saying men and women are not equal after all? But hollyWeird's narrative says otherwise. I've seen it. 98 pound girls single handedly whipping an entire squad of Navy Seals, and such.
  40. Never watched T-Ball, huh?
  41. I guess she ain't woke yet. Just give it a bit of time.
  42. It could be the next "THUNDERDOME"!!!!!!!!!! :banana:
  43. They need to make the transgenders only compete in a special class that is only made up of other transgenders
  44. Maybe they could call them the "Extra-Special Olympics"... :whistling:

  45. Or the Freak show
  46. Speaking ill of her fellow females???
  47. If that were to happen it would be unsurprising if some transgender athlete claimed it had been unfair for transgender athletes of one group to be competing against transgenders of another group.

    They would likely want to receive protection against the effects of rule-making which is already being circumvented at the present?

    Some people have always wanted to have it both ways when facing the dilemma of an exclusionary process. Always will. (Perhaps athletes who want to always have it both ways need to consider changing their competition venue over to politics? :p )
  48. Specifically testosterone.

    This is no different from the Communist Block athletes using roids.
  49. Are you sure? Doesn't this involve the feelings of athletes. :p

    The ComBloc athletes just wanted to win and were willing to act however was needed to achieve victory.