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Fellow Shooter John Zane could use some help

Discussion in 'Okie Glockers' started by jtischauser, Dec 19, 2011.

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    Nov 18, 2009
    I'm forwarding a message from Mike Seeklander at USSA:

    Hey everyone- We just returned from a trip to visit John, and I am glad to say he is in high spirits, while yet in tremendous pain. John has multiple fractures in both legs, and a shattered pelvis. He has been through 2 surgery's and will endure several more over the coming weeks. Here is some additional information:

    John is in St. Francis hospital off Yale. He welcomes all visitors, but please text or call before visiting. John is currently without insurance. While I am sure the person responsible (he was hit by a Broken Arrow school bus) will end up helping with his expenses, in the interim John will be without work for a long time. I am personally asking each of you to consider giving cash or whatever you can to help him through this tough time.
    There is a webpage

    built for John on USSA's site that has donation options. You can find a link on it to donate through paypal.
    Checks or cash can be given to me (Mike Seeklander) at USSA.
    Donation's may also be given at the USSA Pro-Shop via cash, check, or credit card.
    Please help spread word about John and the opportunity to donate on your facebook pages (just send them to USSA's site) and with your friends and family.

    John is a tough guy and will surely recover strongly, but at this time we need to pool our resources and help him through. He is the kind of guy that would be there and go above and beyond for each of us if needed, so lets do the same for him!

    Pray for a strong recovery!

    Until Then, Train Hard!
    Mike Seeklander
    Director of Training
    U.S. Shooting Academy
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