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Howdy folks,

Some of you guys might know what these Steyrs represent, some not. Have 2 of them and will be financing some other AKs which will force me to sell my shooter grade Maadi. Don't let the words shooter fool you, I have not shot this AK in a decade or so. Collectors want a Steyr Maadi in the box with grease all over it etc etc. This is not one of those and shows that it was used. The Maadi shiny paint gets scratched easily however these original Soviet machined AKs were made to be shot and abused. They were featured in movies such as Red Dawn and Rambo as they were one of the first AKs to be imported into the US along the Finland made Valmets. If you have any interest in it, will send you tons of pics... comes with Maadi sling and one genuine Maadi magazine worth $300.

Thanks for looking!!!


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