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Discussion in 'MBR Club' started by captyg76, Sep 30, 2010.

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    Jul 31, 2004
    I've dealt with this company several times over the past few years. The last two times were a nightmare. Earlier this year, I ordered some M14 repack kits. After being charged for the items and having several weeks pass without receiving my merchandise, I called to inquire on the order's status. The lady who answered was unbelievably rude. I requested a cancellation of the order and a refund. Fortunately, this occurred promptly. A week or so later, the merchandise arrived. I immediately contacted Fred's by e-mail and advised them of their error. I requested either a UPS pick-up or a prepaid shipping label. Never heard a word. I followed up twice more. No reply. My personal honor and ethics will not allow me to keep things that don't belong to me. I returned the erroneous shipment and included a letter again explaining the situation and requesting reimbursement for my shipping expenses. Never heard a word much less receive a check for my shipping costs.

    Five (5) weeks ago, like an idiot, in retrospect, I placed an order for some targets and 10 Garand clips. Four weeks (5 now) passed since I placed the order and my credit card was charged. Nothing heard and no merchandise received. Their website states that a simple order like that would be shipped within a week. Yeah, right! I tried calling them but got no answer. I wrote them an e-mail and was pleasantly surprised to receive a prompt reply promising shipment last Friday or this past Monday at the latest. UPS ground shipping time from their NC location to my NE Florida location is 3 days. No order received now after 5 weeks.

    Judge for yourself whether this is a company you want to deal with.
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    Jul 20, 2007
    I have dealt with "Fred" since at least 1998. Mostly, i have bought targets, books and repack kits, ect. No stocks.

    Never a problem, always got my stuff. he is to be commended for his targets and works for the BOR.

    I think what might have happened is that he got too big, and could not grow fast enough to deal with the volume.