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Federal making 1 3/4" Mini-shells

  1. I have a friend who's a Constable. He likes the mini shells. His Mossberg takes an extra thingamajug, but with it he claims it is reliable. Not a lot of a shotgun guy, but he carries it for duty, and being a Constable, will probably never pull out a shotgun.
    Something to consider and perhaps look in to.
  2. Hopefully they're cheaper than the Aguilas.

    My KSG loves them, 24+1 is fun (except on your shoulder).
  3. I bought 20 rounds of 2.25 inch 12 gauge shells made by NobelSport but have not had a chance to try them. I am hoping that extra .5 inch will let them cycle through my Remington 870 without any modifications to the gun.

    Going from six to seven rounds in the magazine is a nice bonus but I bought them for the reduced recoil. NobelSport says they can drive six pellets of 00 buck to 1250 fps. I feel that is enough self defense and the recoil should be even lighter than the nine pellet Federal reduced recoil shells I currently use. If the first 20 work I am going to buy more and do some more testing before I switch.

    I would buy a 20 gauge but the guns are lighter and reduced recoil 20 gauge buckshot ammo is hard to find. So their recoil is not much if any lighter than a heavier 12 firing reduced power ammo. Might as well stick with the far more common 12 gauge so I can go back to full power ammo if I change my mind about how much recoil I want to deal with.
  4. I'd be willing to bet that they are more expensive than a box of 25 2 3/4" loads.
  5. Even with the OpSol I'd still use regular 2 3/4.

    However those mini shells are very easy to shoot so if by law or circumstance a pump was all I had and I had to load it with cartridges for someone very recoil sensitive it'd be fine.
  6. If only they could load those with some #1 Buckshot! :cool:

    Then, my universe would make sense. ;)
  7. "I would buy a 20 gauge but the guns are lighter and reduced recoil 20 gauge buckshot ammo is hard to find."

  8. I had a shorty 870 express in 20ga. Easily blast away with it all day long. My wife could dump the mag fast as she could cycle it full of #4 buck.

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