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Federal HST 147 +P no go in my G26 KKM barrel...UPDATE

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Sometimes when you start a post it can get out of hand... you have people that don't like your model of Glock... your choice of caliber or GOD forbid you go and change a part.
#1 I have a Glock 26 that I shoot lead reloads in and was told you should not shoot lead bullets out of the stock barrel. So I bought a KKM barrel to shoot my reloads.
#2 I never had a problem with this set up until I shot some Federal HST 146gr +P bullets... The empty brass would be caught by the bullet coming up out of the mag before it was ejected.
#3 I appreciate all the useful info that the members gave me but out of the 9 pages most of the input was to leave it stock, or how could I even think I know more than Gaston Glock.
#4 Today I took my Dremel and polished the KKM feedramp & chamber and now it shoots & ejects the HST 146gr +P bullets just fine.
#5 This is GLOCK TALK the Leading Firearms Forum... and I'm proud to be a part of it....
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Aftermarket barrels can have very tight chambers attempting to gain accuracy.
And some have sharp feed ramps.
Seems like they may be more for target and competition than carry.
I've had to have chambers opened and ramps smoothed on Storm Lake and Bar-Sto barrels.
Your experience is no surprise to me.
Only aftermarket barrel I've got that didn't need some work is a Jarvis.

Glad to here you sorted things out.
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