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Federal Custom Ammo

  1. I received an email from Federal Ammo introducing custom ammo for rifles and shotguns. Rifle ammo is $99.99 for 20 rounds. Shotgun ammo includes 410 to 10 gauge and runs $93.95 to $153.95 depending upon gauge, these are 10 round boxes.

    Federal at least asks about the firearm that the ammo is intended to be used in.
  2. Good for Federal to offer this service. At $5 per round, I think that's why most of us on here go to the trouble to make our own custom ammo!
  3. My most used custom ammo(45colt) cost me about 5 cents each. I'll pass.
  4. I roll my own. I`ll pass.
  5. Not sure who's more insane...
    1. Federal for offering this
    2. The guy who's going to pay for some varmint rounds at double .50 BMG prices.
  6. Smallest caliber offered is 243 Winchester along with premium bullets. Most varmint shooters that I know don't use that type of bullet.
  7. Ah, wasn't aware of the minimum caliber. Still...
  8. Unless they are heat seeking rounds with built in ground defense capabilities, think I'll pass.

    The rifle stuff I can almost understand, but is that right about 10 rounds of shot shells for $93.95?! I hope that is for at least 100 rounds.

    Edit to add...
    CRAP!! That is for 10 rounds.....$9.40 to $15 dollars a pop!!

    Yeah...can see using those out at the gravel pit with a couple boxes of clay pigeons from Walmart...would be a fun afternoon.

  9. Some of the 10 gauge stuff was 156.95 for 10 rounds!:alex:
  10. Says tungsten shot, but for that price I would think it would be gold and diamonds.
  11. Cool, maybe they'll start offering pistol ammo for 5 bucks a round.
  12. I wonder if they are using a MEC or a Lee Load All for the shotgun ammo?
  13. I'm fixing to make some federal custom ammo. I just changed over from 9mm to .308, and cleaned some federal brass in the tumbler.

    These will be hand custom premium deluxe ultra elite loads :)
  14. Make me a batch of those fancy boolits while you at it ithaca! ;)