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federal announces new hydroshock bullet

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Another consideration was the cost of 10% gel. I realized from the outset that Clear Ballistic gel was not a viable product, but it's what people wanted....that instant gratification....the heck with accurate and consistent data.

Some of the comparisons I've seen on organic ballistics gelatin and synthetic gelatin were, as a general statement: [1] shotgun ballistics (round pellet, relatively low velocity) perform very similar in organic vs synthetic gel, [2] hollow-point handgun bullets tend to penetrate about 5% further, with about 5% less expansion in synthetic gelatin than organic, and [3] for high velocity rifle bullets there can be more than 25% difference - enough where it would be difficult to make valid comparisons.

Is there something well researched that shows greater non-viability [of synthetic gelatin] than above?
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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