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Feasting on Asphalt - a most worthy and worthwhile show!!!

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I just stumbled across this show on the Food Network and it's a double thumbs-up.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

:motorcycle: plus :eat: equals :rock:
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Alton Brown is one of the few folks on the Food network that I can sit and watch without wanting to dig my eyes out with a spoon. My wife watches it all the time. I saw Feasting on Asphalt for the first time yesterday and enjoyed it a good bit.

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I didn't catch that show but saw the preview. Looks like his R1200RT washed out on a fairly graveled road. Probably not a lot of damage to the bike because it seemed like the bike was going at not too high of a speed, but that much weight falling down...ouch!!!

The dude should have ridden the R1200GS instead.

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Peter Eagan, an editor with Road and Track Magazine, started in the publishing business as editor at Cycle World.
He wrote some terrific stories about riding cross country on motorcycles.
He has a flair for making you feel like you are riding right along with him. His self depreciating style is a refreshing change from the ego driven musings of most of the people who write for bike magazines.
Check him out if you like good bike stories.
Ok topic back on.
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