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Having posted that....

I would SERIOUSLY see if I could "forget" to report as much as humanly possible of a find like that.
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I think it has something to do with Civil War artifact laws or something? I am pretty sure that if you find artifacts on a battlefield you either have to leave them there or turn them in somewhere. I am not sure if the "gold" was in a recognized Civil War area / park.

From the article:
"The Paradas said they were cheated of a moment they had spent years working for.
"You can only dig the gold up once, and that's a historical moment. And here we were robbed of all that," Dennis Parada said. "I don't understand why they played that game on us.""

"If Union gold was indeed recovered from the woods, the discovery of a historic and extremely valuable trove of federal property on state-owned land would almost certainly touch off a court battle over who owns it, and whether the Paradas are entitled to a cut."

Can you imagine trying to "hide" 10s of millions of dollars in gold bars? Although the vast majority of these "finds" end up being artifacts, not actual gold.

IRS agent: "Mr. Parada, how did you end up with $200 million in your savings account at Bob's Small Town Bank?"
"Well, I did some extra overtime at work...."
Thanks for the clarification.

I was speaking from the standpoint of "finders keepers" and at least they'd have possession, but if the law says you can't keep it, then it's kind of pointless.

You'd think there would be a statute of limitations on these things, but apparently not.
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