Favorite Fall recipes.

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    I have several...but maybe will share one or two with you. This is a very old family recipe - but I'll share...I'll share!

    One is pumpkin soup, which I traditionally serve right around Halloween.

    This is how easy this recipe is, are ya ready?

    1: Heat a pot of water
    2: Cut up carrots (10-12), onions(2), a few cloves of garlic, celery(8) and put them in the pot while the water is heating up.
    3: Add 4 cans of salted chicken broth
    4: Bring to a boil
    5: Add a chicken and let it boil down
    6: Add salt, pepper and chicken spices to taste.

    In the mean time, get a good size baking pumpkin and slice in half, clean out the seeds (you can toast those if you like with a little salt on an oven of 325 for 15mins) and then cut the pumpkin into small chunks, being careful to skin the chunks as well. Set aside.

    In a frying pan, fry up5 strips of bacon until the bacon is very crisp. Drain the fat and dry the bacon. Break the bacon up into tiny bits.

    Clean the meat of the chicken bones and replace the meat back into the broth. Add the bacon and return to boil. When it starts to boil, add the pumpkin, reduce heat and simmer (usually for about an hour and a half, depending on how much pumpkin you use.

    The soup is ready when the pumpkin has boiled down and the soup is a nice yellow orange.This is a very hearty and thick soup. If you want to be creative, serve in a hallowed out pumpkin.