Favorite character in "Mad Max"?!?!?

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    Mine has to be Jim Goose:

    Pick-up truck driver: Oh, my God. What happened?
    Jim Goose: I don't know, man. I just got here, meself.


    Jim Goose: {Seeing the man with no pants running through the field} Hey, Maxie, looks.
    Goose: Hey, fella. Fella, stop. Hey, fella. {Over PA} Hey, fella. STOP. {To max} What a turkey. {Over PA} Hey, Fella. You're a turkey. You know that?


    Johnny the Boy teases Charlie for being a mute {he was wounded in the throat} and Goose for being a cripple {he hurt his leg when he laid his bike down.}
    Johnny the Boy: Hey, look at you, a cripple and a mute.
    Goose: You know, Scag. He sings and I tap dance. {to Max} Is that face for a bet or does he really look that stupid?
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