Father Gabriel, forgive me for I haved sinned, TWD

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    I haven't cable nearly 4 years, I do have cable internet. The only way I can watch The Walking Dead Season 5, by Amazon Instant Video or iTunes. Well my confession is that for reasons I don't want give out. I was unable watch TWD since Ep.5 November 2014. I started falling behind with the season till now. My daughter gave a fathers day gift of a Roku 3 to me. I'm cheapskate anyway, so I wasn't wanting to buy the 10 episodes left to watch. I contacted Amazon if I can just buy the episodes I haven't seen yet. But to do that you would have buy the whole season, and after some ideas between Amazon and I. Amazon gave me the hook up of a credit for the rest of the season.The biggest reason, I was an Amazon customer in good standing since 2003.(So use that to haggle for yourselves depending on your customer status)

    So I binged watched the 10 episodes, and it was absolutely fabulous season. Yes I would lurk on GT for S5 spoilers not a big deal. Yet having this weekend to truly enjoy the show. Now I can hold my head up high,knowing that the premier of the FTWD is coming and be ready for S6. So my confession has me feel better knowing whats going on with GT-TWD debates. And Father Gabriel is one messed up individual. Thanks for reading.
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    We have to know why you missed those episodes or we can't help.
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