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    A fart can be quiet,
    A fart can be loud,
    Some leave a powerful,
    Poisonous cloud.

    A fart can be short,
    Or a fart can be long,
    Some farts have been known
    To sound just like a song.

    Some farts do not smell,
    While others are vile,
    A fart may pass quickly,
    Or linger awhile.

    A fart can create
    A most-curious medley,
    A fart can be harmless,
    Or silent, but deadly.

    A fart can occur
    In a number of places,
    And leave everyone
    With strange looks on their faces.

    From wide-open prairies,
    To small elevators,
    A fart will find all of us
    Sooner or later.

    So be not afraid
    Of the invisible gas,
    For always remember,
    That farts, too, shall pass.
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    I may need to go back to my therapist.

    Lately I think I've been hearing subliminal messages in my farts.

    Sorta like when you play a Beatles record backwards.

    Most of the messages are just simple "Hi , how are ya" .....

    others are more like , "you may need to wipe" and "no, thats not water running down your leg" and "thanks for not waisting me on a burp" .....

    Then some others just remind me of Rosie O'Donnell


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