Farmer & Kenny The Rooster Part 2

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    This joke came from Rebeldon. It's a good finish to my joke.

    A few years later...

    It was time the farmer get a younger rooster to replace Kenny. When a young rooster, named Brooster, showed up in the barnyard, Kenny went out to meet him, but Brooster was rude. "Get out of my way, you old cock!" Brooster said, "I'm the new rooster around here!"

    "Please don't run me out completely", Kenny begged. "Just give me one hen."

    "No way!" Brooster replied. "You're too old!"

    "If you think I'm too old, then I'll make a bet with you", Kenny said. "If you can beat me in a race around the barn, then I'm out of here and I don't get any hens. But if I win the race, all I get is one hen."

    "Heck!" Brooster said, "It's a deal."

    "But wait!" Kenny said. "Since I'm so old, I only have to run around the barn twice, and you have to run around the barn three times. What do you have to loose?"

    Brooster thought about it, and he believed he still wouldn't have any trouble beating old Kenny in a race. "You're on!" he said.

    Kenny said, "On your mark, get set, go..." Then they were off. Brooster darted way ahead of Kenny, quickly leaving him behind. Kenny didn't even finish half a lap around the barn before young Brooster passed him. Then, just as Brooster was about to pass Kenny again, the farmer stepped out on his front porch with his shotgun, aimed it at Brooster and blew him away.

    As Brooster's feathers floated down, the farmer said, "Damn! That's the third queer rooster I bought this week.
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    And the moral of this story is???????? Age and treachery will win over youthful exuberence everytime.