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Fans of Leave It To The Beaver, I have a question

  1. I was never a fan of this show (I like Father Knows Best better), but I remembered watching a partial episode where The Beaver won a fancy sports car. It wasn't a Corvette or a T-Bird. It looked foreign and possibly Italian but it wasn't a Ferrari, at least not a Ferrari that I recognized.

    An internet search showed nothing other than The Beaver won a $3500 sports car that was later sold and the money put into his college fund.

    If any fans of Leave It To The Beaver know what the car is, please let me know. The question has been nagging me since forever.
  2. All i remember is June saying “Ward, you were a little hard on the beaver last nite”
  3. They never showed the car
  4. Ward was on the Beaver all the time.
  5. BTW, the name of the show was Leave It to Beaver, not Leave It to THE Beaver.
  6. Yep. He could give the Beaver quite the tongue lashing.
  7. "Oh Ward I'm worried about the beaver". "No not that beaver, our SON the Beaver".
  8. Jaguar XK150?
  9. I just remember Wally asking his mom, "where's dad?" June replied, "Oh he's out looking for Beaver."
  10. Didn’t look like a Jag.
  11. If memory serves, it was an MG MGA. Look it up for 1960 and see if it's your baby.
  12. I think I found it. It might have been a Triumph TR3A.
  13. :rofl:
  14. There was DEFINITELY a Triumph TR3A in the show, but can't remember if it was the car Beaver won.
  15. It was not. I got confused because I didn’t watch the whole episode and for some reasons my mind linked the car to the episode where the Beaver won a sports car. The brand was never mentioned nor picture of the car shown in the episode where he won the drawing/raffle.
  16. I know I'm forgetting stuff, but as a someone born in '67 who spent the 70's watching reruns of the 60's over and over and over, here's how things settled out for me.

    Yes, Watch Every Time:
    My Favorite Martian
    Star Trek
    Mr. Ed
    McHale's Navy
    F Troop
    Hogan's Heroes
    Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp
    I Dream of Jeannie
    Lone Ranger
    The Munsters
    The Addams Family
    Get Smart
    Andy Griffith
    Gilligan's Island
    Brady Bunch (Had a thing for Marcia. Not ashamed.)

    Would Watch, but Meh:
    That Girl (she was hot, show was not)
    Gomer Pyle
    Green Acres
    Beverly Hillbillies
    Dick van Dyke
    I Love Lucy
    The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
    Love American Style (might see something you're not supposed to see)
    Lost In Space

    Burnout Threshold Immediate / No Thank You:
    The Flying Nun
    Father Knows Best
    My Three Sons
    Leave It To Beaver
    A Family Affair
    The Monkees
    Mayberry RFD
    And Lucille Ball show that wasn't I Love Lucy
    Make Room for Daddy
  17. There weren't too many choices of roadster sports cars in that era. The Jags were closer to five grand. The MGs and Triumphs were usually under three thousand. The $3500 price sounds like it could have been an Austin Healy 100 or 3000. The AH Sprite was under three thousand.

    Of course, the writers might not have had any particular car in mind....they might have just thrown that price out there.
  18. Jerry Mathers was always clean shaven in later photos unlike Tony Dow who occasionally sported a beard or goatee. I guess Jerry didn't want to be a hairy beaver.
  19. "Golly Wally, yours is bigger than mine"
  20. Yes, June was hot.
    Uh, was that the question?

  21. Brady Bunch (Had a thing for Marcia. Not ashamed.)

    I would have done Jan or Carol before Marcia -
  22. [​IMG]

    Total MILF!
  23. Yuk. You guys been at the pub at 2am too many times.
  24. :animlol::animlol::honkie::animlol::animlol:
  25. I like Beaver.

  26. it was a must see for me for a few years, but as with most tv shows that drag on, the Beave just dragged on too long.
  27. Then let's see your old lady so we can see what perfection looks like.
  28. Which one??

  29. I definitely developed an appreciation for Florence Henderson later in life.

    As for Jan ... sure, if we're talking Season 5.
  30. The real one.
  31. [​IMG]
  32. 712AFDAF-43B4-4941-AD34-F8FB1DBA57FD.jpeg

    Donna Reed was the hottest TV MILF.
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  34. Jan (Eve Plumb) was born on April 29, 1958 - I was born on April 20, 1958 -- so even though I was 9 whole days older - I would have been OK with Jan in season 1,2,3,4,5 - or whenever ---
  35. I'll take Laura Petrie for the win.

  36. What a list!

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  37. No "Combat" or "Rat Patrol"?

    Seriously slacking Brother.
  38. Don't leave Whitey, he'll throw rocks at us.
  39. Those shows were not available on TV in my area in reruns in the 70's when I was a kid. I either wasn't born or old enough to watch any of the shows I listed when they originally ran.

    Interesting thing though ... "Combat" is one of my father-in-law's favorite shows of all time. He's Japanese. Apparently is was rather popular on TV there. Whether dubbed or subbed I don't know. But he's not your average Japanese guy ... retired Japan SDF, owns a couple shotguns and a bolt-action rifle, and is self-employed as a hot air balloonist.
  40. I was going to add rat patrol to the list of shows. I used to watch reruns with dad on Saturday afternoon and I am an 80s baby. Beaver Cleaver is just funny I don’t care who you are
  41. Lumpy Rutherford & Eddie Haskell lol!!
  42. For some reason I remember it as an Austin Healey
  43. I had a green plastic "Tommy Gun" (the one that went "clack, clack, clack" when you pulled the trigger) that I HAD to have with me when either Combat or Rat Patrol came on. Must have been 1966 or so, I would have 6ish.

    Back then TV was a family thing and my sisters and brother (all older) would tease me about needing that gun to watch either show. Show couldn't start without me and my "Chopper".

    IT WAS FREAKING "COMBAT". Of course you needed your Tommy Gun. Isnt that obvious? Sheeez.

  44. The scene they cut out on the editing floor.
    Eddie Haskill:
    You look lovely today Mrs Cleaver, when I asked to see the Beaver.... well never mind.
  45. I used to love watching rerun of Gidget.
  46. In before someone lists every TV show ever made....oh, nevermind.:rolleyes: