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Fake News and Fake Polls Shilling For the Democrats

  1. Energized against Donald Trump, Democrats reach +14 in the midterms

    With their supporters energized in opposition to Donald Trump, Democrats hold their widest advantage in midterm election vote preferences since 2006, when they seized control of both houses of Congress.

    Rebounding from a tighter contest in the spring, Democratic House candidates now lead their Republican opponents nationally by 52-38 percent among registered voters in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll – a lead that holds up across a range of likely voter models.

    See PDF for full results, charts and tables.

    Surpassing that Democratic lead in vote choice, 60 percent of registered voters say they’d rather see the next Congress controlled by the Democrats, as a check on Trump, than by the GOP, to support Trump’s agenda. Preference for Democratic control is up 8 points from a year ago.

    The Democrats’ advantage reflects Trump’s broad unpopularity. As reported Friday, 36 percent of Americans approve of his job performance, the lowest approval rating for a president heading into his first midterms in polling dating to 1954. Next closest were Jimmy Carter’s 42 percent in 1978; Barack Obama and Bill Clinton at 46 percent in 2010 and 1994, respectively; and Ronald Reagan’s 48 percent in 1982.

    Most of those are not good omens for the Republicans: The parties in control of the White House lost 63 House seats in Obama’s first midterms, 52 in Clinton’s and 26 in Reagan’s (but fewer, 15, in Carter’s). And in 2006, when the Democrats last held pre-election leads as high theirs now, they gained 31 seats.


    Again I say, as I did in all the fake polls on Hillary, the practice of polling "registered voters" instead of "likely voters" skew the results. Because that is what sunk Hillary................ voters not showing up.

    Plus, the poll has an almost 4 point margin of error. Plus, as always, they oversample democrats.


    This ABC News/Washington Post poll was conducted by landline and cellular telephone Aug. 26-29, 2018, in English and Spanish, among a random national sample of 1,003 adults

    Results have a margin of sampling error of 3.6 points, including the design effect.

    Partisan divisions are 33, 25, 37 percent - Democrats - Republicans - independents
  2. Wishful thinking to motivate.
  3. Well, it worked so well in the presidential election, didn't it? ;)
  4. Can backfire........................ if they think it's in the bag, they stay home. :supergrin:
  5. Calling someone and asking them how they'll vote is not the same as getting up off you ass and going to vote. Plus many Democrats will win in urban areas by blowout margins.
  6. Fake news polls simply motivate conservatives to vote... MSM and pollsters still believe if you show a double-digit lead for the left and provide slanted exit polling data, right leaning voters will just stay home and cling to their bibles and guns - Wrong.

    Thankfully, for some reason, all the smart people on TV and their masters still have not figure it out yet.
  7. They're trying everything to survive. Television is so yesterday!
  8. So true. (But I'm afraid the shock of losing to Trump last time will have them coming out of the woodwork in the next presidential election. I hope I'm wrong.)

    We conservatives need to remember that on election days, too!
  9. I don't care what national overall polls say about state and local congressional elections. You need to look at the individual state polls for the senate races (which currently have the Senate staying unchanged), and all the local polls for each house race.

    It would be politically unusual for at least one house of congress not to flip after a presidential election year where one party swept.
  10. Wishful thinking or reality? The reason why the Ohio race was so close is because 87% of Democrats came out to vote compared to just 40% of Republicans.

    Don't be mistaken, the Democrats are highly motivated.
  11. Do you really believe 87% showed up for a special election in August? I sure freaking don't.
  12. If Dems take the house it just shows how brainwashed people are. The media is without a doubt the biggest enemy we have. They aren't for the American people or our values.
  13. The Republicans almost loss this race in a very, very red district. It should never have been even close.

    Yes, the turn out for this special election was staggering and demonstrates just how revved up the Democrat voters are about stopping Trump.
  14. Algore is about to win Florida, you know.
  15. WaPo is fake news.