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JR, your answer to Klem reminds me of an issue I've had that MAY be related. I've noticed this especially in cold weather at my outdoor range. The mags in my G22 have difficulty seating when fully loaded sometimes, and then the cartridge will not strip from the mag because the tip of the bullet is stuck down behind the front of the magazine.

I guess if I insert the mag with the slide forward, the top bullet is jammed down in front by the stripper, and a weak spring, or maybe a burr inside the mag prevents it from popping back up?

What is the best fix for this problem?
1. Reload with slide back?
2. Tap back of mag to seat bullets to the rear before inserting?
3. Replace spring in mag?
4. Lube mag?
5. Try to smooth our burr inside front of magazine?
6. Other?
7. Some combination of above fixes??

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Reload with the slide back and you should never see a problem
The problem is with your spring. Replace it and the issue will go away
There is no burr in the mag body
Never lube the mag
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