Selling the following.

(5) Factory Glock 26, 9mm, 10 + 2 round for 12 round magazines. New, bulk bought. $140 SHIPPED

USPS shipping is $9.45 for small flat rate.
USPS shipping is $16.10 for medium flat rate.
USPS shipping is $21.20 for large flate rate.

I will try to save on shipping when possible. If you need more pictures, let me know.

USPS Money Order is preferred. Personal check, Certified Check will require 10 business days for clearance, unless your a long time member in good standing.
Zelle & Venmo accepted if there is no taxes I will have to pay afterwards.

Now the rules. I know, I don't like them either.
Buyer must be 21 or older. Will not ship to any state, city, or county that doesn't allow for the magazines to be purchased or possessed. Please know your laws.

Thanks for looking.