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Factory black slide G48/G43x inbound?

  1. I would definitely buy a 43x if they release it with a black slide. Just can’t get on board with the silver. Hope they do it
  2. It’s legit....
  3. Cool, I new I waited for a reason.

    Although the silver slides didn't "Trigger" me in any way, hummmm.......

    .........may be able to pick up a used G48 on the cheap cause of the new, black, hotness.
  4. Read about this on TFB a little while ago. About time.
  5. I’m in for one...
  6. I like that!!!:elephant:
  7. I love my 48. Been looking for an excuse to either get a second 48 or maybe a 43X. Hmmmmmm
  8. Wow, that hadn't even shown up in my TFB feed yet, even when I went to their website.
  9. So Glock got everyone to buy the two-tone version even if they didn't like the look. Now those folks are going to line up to buy a second one in black! Genius.
  10. And I am hoping to find me a nice used G48 & G43X for a goooood deal. :dancingbanana:
  11. Or third.....I have two 48's because I like having a spare of my carry pistol. Was thinking about a 43x just to have one, now not sure if I would get an all black 48 or 43x.

    Although I would suffer with a great deal on a silver slide 43x because everyone wants an all black version now. Other than having to spend more time cleaning after the range, the silver slide does not bother me at all.
  12. Same as when they released the 42 and then the 43 right behind it. Nobody has skillz like Glock.
  13. Lucky me - I even have a spare GSSF coupon.
  14. Except the 42 and 43 are two completely different animals.

    Comparing those to black/silver slide releases is more apples to watermelons.

    Fiction novels and fake news...
  15. You are incorrect.
  16. Are you trolling?
  17. I really don't understand the things you post sometimes. I compliment Glock's marketing skills and I'm trolling.
  18. Lol. I knew this would happen. Glock didn’t get me with the 42 but they got me with the 43x in silver. Now I will buy another one (just like their marketing department wanted). Oh well, good to have a backup of my carry pistol anyway.
  19. Funny, I was telling my wife about the introduction of the black slide 43x/48. She immediately said it sounds like Glock has a very smart marketing department.
  20. Thanks for the info. I am guessing the votes for "Just to annoy Borg" (a humorous addition! :cheers:) fall mostly into the "no"/"ambivalent" categories. It looks like pretty much a tie with regards to front serration preferences.

    Glock isn't stupid. They knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

    It was widely noted and agreed upon on this forum that they would eventually provide black to boost their gun sales.

    Many of us will still fall for it (I won't, I didn't buy a silver-slide, but I willingly fell for SIG's version of the same trick... buy a 365 and later buy another 365 with a manual safety scheme).

    We are being manipulated. We grumble. But we can't help ourselves. We happily part with our money anyway!

    Love it or hate it, shrewd marketing can boost sales! Glock marketing is in high gear lately, with tiny twists and tweaks that are pretty meaningless, but DO move people to reach for wallets...

    Can't fault them for trying every trick they can to push their sales volume up, I guess!
  21. Just posted in the 43x 48 thread before I saw this one. I am not keen on the two tone so I'll be picking up the black slide 43x when they come out. I could give or take the front serrations.
  22. Ohhhhhhhhh the thievery going on inside our wallets....lol. I fell for the SIGness as well, and now they have the P365XL out. So like you, i`m guilty as charged as well. Now i`m gonna have to buy a G48 to go with the rest of the gang. Already have the G43 & G43X. Might as well just do it.

    I gotta call my doctor an see if there is an antidote available, i`m sick as hell, jeez i feel like a drug addict having to get my fix everytime a new gun comes out. Good God make it stop, i can`t take it anymore ;)
  23. If this is true I will be getting one. I had about decided to add a 43x or 48. The two tone part doesn't bother me but I would rather it be all black.
    I think I will hold off a few more weeks and see what happens.
  24. I don’t know Borg but I’m willing annoy just about anyone to avoid front serrations.

    BTW, my LGS said the 43x would be in their shop in a “couple months”. I love my 43 with Talon +2 extensions but the break in the grip creates a little wobble and the chance of a little pinch on mag insertion. Can’t wait for the black x
  25. I wonder if there will be an up-charge for the black models.
    Now that they offer them in black, i bet the silver slide sales will plummet.
  26. At the LGS -
    me: I’ll take a G43X with Glock night sights.
    gun store guy: Silver or black slide?
    me: The less expensive.
    gun store guy: They are the same price.
    me: Surprise me.

    I post this in jest, but seriously it would make no difference to me. I like them both.
  27. didnt have to have the 48 and with silver slide was an easy pass with summer blue label pricing and black slide im going to think about it. if black slide is not out before price deal ends i l likly still pul th etrigger on a silver slide
  28. I don't mind the silver slide, I could take it or leave it. The slide on my G48 seems to be holding up well. From what I read it's exactly the same treatment as is on the G19x, only silver.

    I'm ok with it. I definitely wouldn't buy another gun at this point, just to get an all black version. If it was coming off, or somehow otherwise deteriorating, I guess I might consider it, but that's not happening on my example.
  29. I got a flyer from Cabela’s today. They had a silver slide Sig 365 advertised.
  30. My LGS said he’s supposed to get some in next week...didn’t ask the price.
  31. I want a 43x frame and mags to go with my 43 slide, I always wanted a Kahr sized single stack like the CW9 but made by Glock, after I bought my 3rd 43, days later the 43x was announced, I was all kinds of butt hurt! Oh well, I guess I’ll christmas present to me a 43x this year.
  32. Great news. I’m down for 43x black.

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  33. Now all we need is a 42X in black, please.
  34. As soon as the black slide 43X arrives at my LGS, I'll buy one. I'm glad I waited. I know, it's just a tool, but I just didn't dig the silver, to the point I didn't "have" to have one. Now, I do.
  35. " I am guessing the votes for "Just to annoy Borg" (a humorous addition! :cheers:) fall mostly into the "no"/"ambivalent" categories. It looks like pretty much a tie with regards to front serration preferences."

    I think any answer other than yes, maybe, or sometimes is a definite NO. At least it is in my case.

    Because the only thing worse than forward slide serrations on a Glock is a pimp-style silver slide or anything other than a NORMAL all-black gun.
  36. A black 48 will be very hard to resist.
    Oh well.......
  37. I just wish they had made they had made an exact single stack version of a G19 with the accessory rail on the dust cover and everything, and have the dust cover be flush with the end of the slide.

    But with no front magazine cut-out.
  38. Next will be the G48 MOS for the Shield sights!
  39. Put some R&D into stuffing the mag with 12 and I am in on the 48 train.
  40. I want it in black!
  41. Black only!. That way all
    Glocks look alike to my wife! :dancingbanana::couch:
  42. Black slide G43X and G48 look pretty good. I may buy a black G48.
  43. Wow, i sometimes forget how good i have it with my wife. (we`ve been 45+ yrs together now) If i want to buy a gun, i dont have to get her permission, nore do i even have to ask her, or tell her i`m buying one. When i do buy a gun though, she always wants one too. She surprises me often with toys. She bought me a Shield 45 a few weeks ago when the new Shield45 PC came out in a 4 inch barrel. Two years ago, she had a big garage built for all my harley`s and my tractors because i ran out of room. I do feel bad for some of you guys, you`re not near as lucky as i am, to have such a wonderful wife. And yes, she has ALOT of guns too. She loves to shoot. She`s 5ft tall, 100lbs soakin wet with 4 rolls of quarters in each pocket, and handles a 44mag with full house loads better than most men. Life is good!

    Since i posted earlier, wife an i both decided to buy G43X`s in black when they come in. We both already have a G43`s & G43X`s. But we need more toys to play with.
  44. Pics please.
  45. [​IMG]
  46. G48 with a black slide = M&P Shield killer