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F/S: New (100% mint) RMJ forge Talon Tomahawk - hybrid handle

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Rigormootis, Jun 17, 2002.

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    Feb 13, 2002
    After much thought, I have decided that my need would be better filled with a hammer-poll tomahawk instead of a spike tomahawk. Thus, I am selling my Mint as0new (only “cut” air) RMJ Forge Talon. This one is one of the new hybrid ones with the cord wrap/micarta handle (see pic). This hawk is 100% new – I have only cut air a few times with it seeing as how I haven’t ha the chance to test it out yet. This hawk also comes with one of the newer heavier-duty kydex (twice as thick as the old ones) sheath – with tek-lok attachment clip.
    Because I want to give the lucky buyer a great deal, I will let s/he take advantage of the fact that I got this one with my military discount…meaning that instead of paying the full $335 these normally sell for, I paid $265…. Here’s the catch…when I ordered mine, I had it engraved (lightly) with my last name click here (mine's on the far left). Because of this, I am willing to sell this hawk for a discount, and ship it to you anywhere in the US for $250. For those who are wondering, I am sure that Ryan at RMJ will be happy and able to remove the name /re-parkerize it for very little $$$. Here are it's specs

    So, I will have this hawk wrapped and ready to go out to the first person to confirm they have mailed me a Money order or send me Paypal (send to:

    I am happy to answer any question via email.