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This is a 1 yr. old mint cond. bore scope. Very high quality and I think I've used it once. I'm selling it for $600.00 I paid over $900.00 for it, and this year was given a better one for my birthday.
Here is the add straight from Hawkeye's web site. If you are interested let me know and I can send you pics if you'd like. Mint cond., used once, comes with custom carrying case which locks as well. Go to the web site, and you'll see what I'm talking about. Do not have that pay pal thing, so check or money order is the only way I can sell this very nice borescope.

17" Hawkeye Classic Slim Kit
The Hawkeye Classic Slim is our most popular scope, because it is a great general purpose borescope. It is “slim” enough to fit into many openings found in parts made in typical precision machine shops. Machinists use the Slim to check for burrs, defects and internal surface finish of complex machined parts. Precision Shooters use the Hawkeye Slim 17” to inspect their rifle barrels for fouling and wear.
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