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F/S - Fixed bladed knives

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by TheFlash, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. TheFlash


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    Mar 30, 2004
    San Jose, CA.
    Need some extra funds, so I have to give these up...

    These prices are the lowest I can go, but I will accept full/partial trades for: new condition CRK One-Piece, Fallknivens, Al Mar SERE Operator (S30V steel) or Al Mar Talon Falcon (1003UBK2T).
    All knives are mint condition with original, box, papers, sheath, etc. - except where noted:

    Early production Benchmade Nimravus with an ATS-34 steel blade and the G10 handles. Also has the early model Kydex sheath
    Only $85 + shipping

    Late 1980’s era Cold Steel Magnum Tanto with the 9-inch blade. Purchased new around ’88. Has tsuba (samurai sword-type) guard and the typical sturdy leather sheath.
    Only $120 + shipping

    Cold Steel Oyabun with the 7.5" blade. This is the earlier produced model with the AUS-8A steel (not the 420HC that is currently being used by Cold Steel).
    This knife has been lightly used (but not sharpened - still razor sharp) and has one or two very light scratches on the blade.
    Only $49 + shipping

    Columbia River Medium Corkum Tanto with the AUS-6A blade and the rayskin/fabric wrap.
    Only $45 + shipping

    Here’s a Gryphon Terzuola designed and serial numbered matched set. This was purchased new from the Cutlery Shoppe in the early ‘90’s and both are in absolute mint condition:
    Gryphon M30A1 Combat knife – ATS-34 blade individually Rockwell tested. Serial Number #67
    Gryphon M10 Boot knife – ATS-34 blade individually Rockwell tested. Serial Number #67. (Current M10s are only made with AUS-8A steel)
    Offering the set for only $355 + shipping!

    And, last but not least:
    NIB Gerber Mark II Limited Edition (1,500 made in 2002).
    Blade steel is 154CM (not canted) and it has the Cat-tongue aluminum handle. Comes with certificate of authenticity, molded & soft lined carry/display box, awesome leather sheath and of course, the Mark II knife itself. These usually sell for about $250 (when you can find them).
    Only $179 + shipping

    Have some pics upon request.
    Thanks for looking and my apologies for such a long post...