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Cleaning out the gun library! I have the following for sale as a grouping:

The Glock in Competition (PB) by Robin Taylor
Glock, The New Wave in Combat Handguns (HB) by Peter Alan Kasler
How to Customize Your Glock (PB) by Boatman
The Gun Digest Book of the Glock (PB) by Patrick Sweeney
The Concealed Carry Survival Guide (PB) by Bill Murphy
Practical Shooting, Beyond Fundamentals (PB) by the guru himself, Brian Enos
Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson (second ed. HB) by Jim Supica and Richard Nahas

I believe $75 plus $10 shipping (a total of $85) is a very fair price and will get you the lot.

If you want them, PM me and I'll give you my paypal address. You pay, I ship. Simple!
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