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F/S Benchmade Outbounder

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What I have is a NIB Benchmade 180 Outbounder.

The Outbounder comes with a full-grain leather sheath that hangs on the belt by way of a front folded loop for the traditionalist. Add to that Benchmades commitment to high-end blade steels and handle materials, the NEW MODEL 180 OUTBOUNDER blends the two worlds together in one handsome package. The handle itself is stabilized Rosewood or Oak which is virtually impervious to liquid. Add to that the durability of 440C for the blade steel and you have a knife that is ready for the great outdoors. The blade shape is reminiscent of a hunter style drop-point with a beefy false edge for tip strength. The overall length of the Model 180 is 7.5” with a usable blade length of 3.75”. The weight of the knife itself comes in at a mere 3.1 oz.
$50.00 (Paypal,Check or Money Order)shipped to your door in the U.S.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts