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I have a Kimber Pro II that has been giving me some problems.

Originally it would not feed or eject worth a darn. Ball ammo was the best and Semi-wadcutters were the worst.

I just installed a Wilson Combat extractor and a 22 lb recoil spring.

I took it out this morning for a test run.

The 230 Ball fed without issue, the Semi-wadcutters still no go.

Now that it will reliably feed the Ball I still have an ejection issue.

The brass ejects in every direction and not very far. Some goes right a foot or two, some goes left a foot, some even goes forward a foot or two, but most "still" ejects right into my face or bounces of the brim of my hat.

If the extractor was not the problem, what is the cause and how can I fix this?

I have a Kimber pro 11 also. it shoots everything great. I shoot mostly SWC bullets, lead or copper coated. I think going to a heavier spring is the wrong way to go. the extractor ejector are considered soft parts. they can easily be worked on. if you screw them up, they are very easy & cheap to replace. I had a ruger 1911once that had ejection issues. It put brass all over the place. I worked with ejector extractor & finally had them going in a fairly small circle. I found my Kimber was not overly fond with the 8rd mags also.
1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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