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Extra Frame Options?

  1. I was just wondering if there is anywhere to buy just a frame for a G20 without dropping a ton of cash..I know I know, they probably aren't cheap but it's worth a shot. My deal is I have a 20C and my dad got me an AA conversion for it yesterday for an easter present :whistling: I was thinking about possibly trying to find a G20SF frame and see if I like it better on the 10mm, if I do I can dedicate my regular frame to the .22 and have another gun. If I don't like the 20SF on my 10mm, I can make the .22 a SF :cool:

    I am not set on the SF though, I would probably buy a regular frame for the right price. I don't really want to spend much on it to be honest so this may not come to fruition. I have several 22's already, I just thought it would be cool to have a dedicated frame for the conversion kit.

    So I guess my question is, do any of you all have an extra G20 frame layin around the house you might want to get rid of? Any recommendations on where to find one? Thanks and i'm open to any suggestions!

    P.S. I know they are FFL regulated so I would have it shipped to my FFL of course!
  2. keep a close eye on for sale section
    i picked up one from there

    also post in WTB section, you never know
  3. Thanks! I will try that

    Any others?
  4. Check Lone Wolf Dist.
    Sponsor here.

  5. I looked and didn't see one? Am I missing it?

  6. May not be reaady yet?
  7. I don't know, I looked all over the site and there wasn't an extra frame listed. I wouldn't mind supporting a site sponsor, just couldn't find one to buy! :rofl:
  8. I asked Dan recently and he just said soon. I'll be keeping an eye out as well. They're not yet listed on the site with pricing or info.
  9. Cool! Thanks
  10. No problem.