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External HD problem

  1. I have an external hard drive and when I want to turn if shut it down while the computer is still running, I go to the bottom bar and click the green arrow that says “Safely Remove hardware”. When I left click it I get a “Problem ejecting USB mass storage…try again later”.
    How do I shut off the external hd without messing up any data?
  2. Instead of trying to unmount the mass storage driver, try the actual drive. I believe if you double click the mass storage driver it will expand to show the drive.
  3. I get the same message to Try Later...
  4. No damage will come to the drive from disregarding the “Safely Remove Hardware” applet and simply snatching the USB plug out of the PC. If you’re running write-behind caching, that could cause some loss of data but you can preclude that possibility by 1) disabling write-behind caching or 2) waiting until the disk activity light has been quiet for several seconds before unplugging.
  5. I normally get the "unable to disconnect" message when I have a window open to that drive. Or, if you have a file open from the drive as well.