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Extended Magazine Release for Glock 27

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Has anyone installed an Extended Magazine Release for a Glock 27? I am looking in Brownells and can't decide which one to get. My choices are as follows,


The only thing that I don't like about the ARO-TEK mag release is that it is made entirely of metal, unlike the other two.
What are your suggestions?
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If you plan to carry your G27 in an IWB holster, I highly advise against an extended magazine release. I tried the factory one, and found that it dug into my skin, even if wearing a shirt tucked into my pants. It protruded a bit too far.
I think extended magazine releases should be used only on "game guns" and not carry weapons. I don't even like them on my game guns.

If you just have to have one, then I suggest T.H.E. Accessories. I also suggest you make sure your magazine is seated every time you draw your G27.
Relieving the frame around the mag button is a differnt way to achieve the same result and is much more suitable for a carry gun.

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Hey Matt,
That relieved mag button looks fantastic - too bad I couldn't do that on my production G34, as it constitutes an external mod. Great idea for an open class racegun thou!

uncle albert
For a race gun I use the THE big button. I only use the relieved frame for carry as it does not stick out like a larger button.

Hi, Matt. I was wondering how you relieved the frame portion around the magazine release. Can I do the same using a dremel and/or hair drier and/or soldering tool? (I have very limited resources :)) Also (sorry, off thread), with your race guns, do you cut a coil or two from your firing pin safety spring to improve trigger feel? Thanks a lot.

Did restarting a thread dead for more than 18 years give you any pause?
Did restarting a thread dead for more than 18 years give you any pause?
On my screen, you brought it back.

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If you are going to get an extended mag release I really would consider a Glock OEM.

When I put these extended OEM releases on gen 3s I relieve the sharp corners with a file and Emory cloth.

As others have stated, be aware that not only might it dig into your side, depending on holster type there is a possibility that it may inadvertently be pressed And release your mag.

I installed one on a G19/3 for a guy on my squad. He only carries it on duty and in a SERPA 3 holster. Initially he had a few instances where his seatbelt clip pressed into it and released the mag.

I really like the factory OEM extended slide release and extended mag release but you have to watch out that they don’t snag or get pushed.
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