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Instead of making two threads, I'll just combine the two.


So how does it all come together? With a setting of hard, what are the pros and cons? Does a softer suspension give better traction? Which will give larger lean angle or is that built into the tire/ cycle already? Which is better for lighter riders? In general that is.


When one increases or decreases the number of teeth on the sprocket(s), what is the outcome? When you add a tooth to the rear, what is the result, quicker acceleration, faster top speed? When someone changes sprockets on say a GSX-R1K for "real world usability" what do they do to make it more street wise? What do you gear for?

Just kinda curious on the two. I have been contemplating adjusting my suspension to match my fat ass (140 pounds) and am curious on setting results. I might need a sprocket and chain change and was just curious on teeth count. Stock is 16/41 with a 530x102 O-ring on my '81 Suz GS450.
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