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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by NetNinja, Nov 21, 2006.

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    Ok here is a scenario for the experts out there.

    I had my Windows XP box suffer some sort of surge or unexplained damage this past weekend.
    The Motherboard was an ASUS P5P800 SE socket 775 Pentium D.
    It was using the Pentium chipset

    So I decide to go out and get a replacement motherboard. The bad thing is trying to replace a Motherboard that has an AGP slot is nearly impossible.

    (If you have a MB with an AGP slot and the machine goes belly up be prepared to buy a New MB, maybe a processor but Definitely a new Graphics card using PCIE)

    I happen to spy one but this one is a Gigabyte MB using a socket 939 processor and I believe a Gigabyte chipset. Not a problem I have a spare processor and can reuse my Memory from the dead MB.

    The get everything installed and try to boot up. The get the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). So I boot into safe mode and try to delete drivers and such and try to boot into regular mode. No Dice.
    I am in trouble. I really don't want to have to reinstall nearly 200gb of trash back onto my HD.

    Oh trying to put the goofy string of error code numbers in Google to try and search what the problem is, is freaking useless. The code is NEVER EVER what you need to find to fix the problem you are having.

    So I go back out the next day to scout the Asian owned stores. Paydirt there is ASUS P5PE-VM Motherboard that uses my original processor 775 and it is running the intel chipset. I take the chance because I am running out of options and even doing a Google search is comming up with stores who do not carry the Motherboard anymore.

    Wala! My machine boots up and I am running.

    Ok so sorry for the long story but sometimes it helps to try and explain the process than to try to keep a responce string alive.

    So my question is, is there a way to try and delete the chipset feature in Windows XP so that you can boot up?
    Is there some sort of repair feature that would do this?

    I always find running the repair feature from Windows XP CD a totally useless waste of F'ing time feature ever created.
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    Windows XP SP2 has :Major Hardware Change" detection.This is a feature that prevents Windows from being copied and installed on unlicensed machines.To just save your data you could install a fresh copy on a new hard drive and hook up your old hard drive as a slave and save your old data.The best "Repair" option in Windows XP is not the "Repair Console" but to perform a "Repair Install".This usually works and only looses the Windows updates but saves the data and original programs.

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    Nevermind -- I just reread your post -- I was telling you to get the MB model you actually did.