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Expanding Baton carry in FL

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I live in Sarasota FL and am currently waiting on my CWP to be issued (currently at 70 days)

My question is: Does anyone know the legality of carrying an expanding type baton like an ASP? Is it legal to carry in FL or only legal to carry with a CWP? Illegal even with CWP?

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I certainly would not disagree with Mr. Blandings view. But the subject is very muddy because the statue (FS 790.053) is not clear. In Gutmacher's book (page 108) he sumerizes FL law does not generally prohibit the open carrying of weapons other than firearms, lethal or non-defensive electric weapons except for certain places. Technically, this means you could carry a knife, machete, bow, cross-bow, sword, spear, nun-chuks, and almost anything else with you-almost anywhere-be totally legal, so long as they are NOT concealed.

So you could walk down the street with your expanding baton as longs its not concealed. However to Mr Blandings point, that does not mean you would not recieve attention from the local cops, even though it appears you are within the law. Confusing to say the least.:dunno:
An idea would be to walk into the local police station and ask them what their response would be to open carry or conceal carry of the expanding baton. Without the thing in hand of course.
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