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Excuse me for being lazy, but...

  1. Allright guys, I'm hoping you'll forgive my lack of diligence in researching this myself. I'm up to my neck in writing journal papers and dissertation, so can't do a lot of fitness research for the next couple of months.

    I'm thinking of starting to work deadlift again, with the goal of getting it as far back up there as possible and perhaps compete in the deadlift part of a BP+DL contest in a year or two if it goes well.

    I'm not planning to work BP or squat at all due to shoulder issues. Part of the motivation is to give me a very positive goal to focus on to let my shoulder heal for an extended period of time.

    The problem is that my knowledge of cycling, etc., is stone age at this point. I need to start at the bottom, like a beginner. What sets and reps are the gurus recommending nowadays for beginning powerlifting? 5x5 once per week, with 2 of them being real work sets? Continue that until I can't add any weight, then do what?

    What other stuff would be recommended? Should I do deadlifts then go home or do rows, shrugs, straight-leg deadlifts during that workout? Should I do these things later in the week?

    In the old days, I'd have a deadlift/back day and it would look like:
    Deadlift, Rows, Shrugs, SL Deadlift and that would be once per week. Near a contest, it would be deadlift and that's it.

    As for the rest of my program, I'll probably do core work a couple of days per week, mainly situps, crunches, leg swings, V-ups, etc. I'll also have a couple of conditioning days that look like CrossFit metcon workouts without weights.

    The idea is tentative at this point. If you guys could give me a little boost in that one area, I'd appreciate it.

  2. I'm sure some hardcore pl guys will want to slap me for saying this, BUT...

    I had outstanding DL results with Pavel's PTP program. I'd be happy to email the particulars if you want to give it a look.

    That said, I've never pulled more than 415 so I'm sure there's someone more qualified to offer advice on program design.
  3. You could try PTP(low volume, high frequency). It would get you in the gym more than once weekly. It would be short duration so you could do some cardio too.

    Another thought, can you bent row or cable row and not damage your shoulder?

    You could DL one day and SLDL and front squat a different day. I know you are worried about your shoulder, but you could do the "no hands" version of the front squat. I've always thought the Front Squat was a good compliment to the DL.

    Maybe the real Jack or ateamer will help out. I'd love to hear what they have to say.

  4. Sure dude, [email protected]

  5. I think I can do bentover row. I've been doing body rows (same motion, hanging upside down) and I don't feel any shoulder pain at all.
  6. Oh yeah, more info:

    I'm a diehard sumo guy for competition. Do sumo PLers mix in conventional DL nowadays? In the old days, I would just sumo all the time. Would it be good to alternate weeks?

    On the conditioning days, I'd be randomly mixing up workouts like the following. Of course, if I make enough headway to start thinking competition, then I'd probably drop the conditioning workouts at least for the short term.

    CF's Annie: 50,40,30,20,10 for time of double-under jumprope & situps
    CF's Michael: 3 rounds for time of 800m, 35 back extensions, 35 situps
    Tabata Situps then Tabata Squats
    3x800m running
    5k running

    My first draft week look like:
    Day 1 = DL
    Day 2 = Conditioning
    Day 3 = Core Workout
    Day 4 = More weights like CalJack typed?
    Day 5 = Conditioning
    Day 6 = Core Workout
    Day 7 = Rest

    Every Day: 3 plane spine mobility, shoulder mobility drills, and maybe lower body stretching.

    I know the days in the weight room look sparse, but remember that I'm not doing any squat or BP work.
  7. Mail sent.
  8. Brad,

    I was always told to do conventional as well. They seem to hit the lower back more, while sumo hits the hips and hamstrings more. Or atleast thats what Ed Coan said.

    I too prefer sumo.

    I've been doing 5x5's for a little while now, and just last week dropped to 5x3. I was told to start out with 50-60% of my 1RM for the 5x5's.

    I also do stiff legs (or actually more of a Romanian deadlift) on squat day, and do bent rows, wide chins, and shrugs for assistance.

    The above program is very simple, and was recommended to me on a PL site, as a beginner routine.

    I do DL and wide chins on one day, and bent rows and shrugs on another. But that is only because of my grip problems. Plus doing 5x5 and 3 sets of all other assistance work is brutal.

    This may not be what you are looking for, but its what I'm doing.
  9. Thanks Brandon, Jack, and Brad (BCR)!
  10. Brad, please keep us posted on the routine you settle on and the outcome.

    Good luck,
  11. Thanks dude. I will of course report results.

    I started reading the articles at Westside the other night. There's a wealth of info there too.

    I'm just so far behind the times. The PTP stuff is very interesting, but the reality is that I need a barbell here to do that, plus something to drop it on. I can probably swing that, but it might take a little time. I am a poor college student LOL.
  12. Yeah, too bad, I was thinking the PTP would be good for you. You could do it on your core days.
  13. PTP might be the way to go.

    I started looking around for olympic barbells here in town. None used. A couple of places have 300 lb for $150 which would get me started. Plus a mat to drop it on would put it at about $200 which I'll have to run by the financial committee.
  14. I'm in the same boat. I'm looking for a used set with no luck so far. I've found a couple in the local classifieds, but someone else beat me to it. Plenty of Bowflex and Body-by-Jake-ercisers around for some reason, though.:supergrin:
  15. C'mon now.

    "If you want a Bowflex body, you've got to get a genuine Bowflex"!;)
  16. There were more nordic tracs in our trading post. I think I saw some Tony Little Gazelles also. What a loon.
  17. Yeah, Westside has a TON of info. I have a few buddies that swear by their methods. If I were strictly a PL'er, I'd try to incorporate most of their stuff. I've printed out quite a few of their more basic training articles.

    Another good site is www.elitefts.com

    Lots of good training articles over there, and a cool store too.
  18. "You can DOOOITTTTT!" Yeah, he's made a pretty good ass of himself.
  19. Well, I think I'm going to fork out the dough and try the PTP protocol. I'll buy a 300 lb set which will work for a little while and then go buy more 45 lb plates as I need them. Hopefully a lot of them very quickly, LOL, but not likely! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Two deadlift workouts in now and, much to my surprise, I am no longer flexible enough to sumo! Perhaps I will be at some point. The inside of my left knee starts hurting even at 135, surely due to knee not tracking over my foot, although the error must be small because I can't see it.

    Switched to conventional, just using 225 so far, and all is well. I'm going to stay with conventional and diligently stretch every day. Perhaps I'll switch to sumo at some point.

    I appreciate all the insight from you guys! Hopefully this will go well.