Excellent Shooting, loafnGLOCK (aka Dad)

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by GLOCKhp, May 5, 2003.

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    Went down to Shooter's Choice in Wilmington, NC, yesterday for the indoor match with loafnGLOCK, GLOCKhp2, 'Ghp3', and Mom. First off: Man, that's a nice range! Super clean, turning targets, very friendly staff, ad nauseum. Fine setup. Can't wait till June 1 for the next and final shoot of the series. Word is they're gonna have a barbecue, awards presentation, and the whole deal.

    On to the shooting. loafnGLOCK and I were the only ones that shot. Ghp2 still isn't too crazy about shooting indoors with others, so I can't talk him into it yet (I guess it saves me a few bucks).
    Dad pulled one and ONLY shot a 498!!!;W ;W ;S ;S His 35 year hiatus from competitive shooting sports doesn't seem to have caused him any problems in the bullseye-type arena!!
    I shot a personal best 485. I was on the verge of being disappointed because it sure didn't look like it would be that high. And just a little sidenote, that's also higher than Thylacine's scored on an indoor shoot. I know, Thy -- your response is, "How many of these have you shot and how many have I shot?" That's OK, though, because I know you shoot more in between than I do.

    There was one other fella that shot after we did that also scored a 498, and I heard someone else say he'd shot a 486 and another guy shot a 485.

    I need to add another 2003 goal: Get Dad to get his own Glock so he'll quit outshooting me with MINE!!

    Looking forward to June...;f