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Everyone on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" really really really thinks Trump is Hitler

  1. None of these clowns understand who Hitler was... because if they did, they would see Hitler in their idols in the Antifa and BLM movements, not in the Trump White House.
  2. If this is new to you, you've not been paying attention.
  3. Idiots
  4. Thats ok because I think everyone of those clowns are Lying AH's!
  5. You are being entirely too kind.
  6. If Trump is a socialist, he's really bad at it! There's no sense going over his list of socialist failures.

    It's projection 101.

    PS: why did he wait until in his 70's
  7. True. Let us not forget that Hitler came to power under the banner of the National Socialist Party whose brown shirts sought to suppress all opposing opinions. Which of the two major parties most closely resembles that?
  8. I think Trump is taller.
  9. Go easy with that. Not been paying attention? Who in their right mind would watch ANY of these imbecilic people/shows to begin with? Every single thing that happens or is said by these clowns and shows would be news to me, too! My head can't handle that level of stupid.
  10. Hitler Youth.jpeg
    Yep, I think the dems will be suited-up like this soon....
  11. "Trump is Hitler and the only example we can come up with to support that is him being rude to left-wing reporters!!!"

    They may be onto something - I wonder if Germans were so fed up with left-wing POSs like the MSNBC staff that they would follow anybody who hated the left? If Hitler was around to run for president of the USA and he promised to send communists, socialists and Democrats to concentration camps, I'd have to vote for him.
  12. All part of the charade. Sorry, but seriously, wake up folks.
  13. The difference between socialists then and now is then they wore brown. Now they wear black.
  14. Morning Joe and his cast are nothing more than highly-paid puppets that mouth the words given to them by network execs. They're like CNN puppets, only worse, more harsh.

    In 2015-2016 I'd tune in to Joe occasionally. He called himself a 'fiscal Conservative' then and Trump was a frequent guest. That all changed when Trump won. The network turned full-scale anti-Trump and Joe went along. His transformation was obvious. The money was far more important than his values (if he ever really had any).

    Morning Joe is a toxic anti-Trump propaganda outlet and Joe turned Progressive to save his money-hungry ass. What a loser!
  15. This perfectly represents the affects of the progressive indoctrination system (public schools).
    Calling fascist right wing is correct to a point, that being holding the status quo or retuning to the old ways. This same ideology is what makes the socialist/communist right wing. Just pushing a return to FUEDALISM.
    The truly progressive/liberal social, economic system is free market capitalism in a democratically represented REPUBLIC. A government where laws not the whims of a few elites; rule.