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Ever just wanna get away for awhile?

  1. He was probably so desperate to leave his wonderful country, like Somalia where the journalist was killed, he did not care about the danger
  2. I thought he was humping the engine housing at first glance.
  3. Not a real deep thinker is he???
  4. Guess he wanted to take a ride ON an airplane.

    Most of us take a ride IN an airplane.
  5. Maybe he just couldn't fit in the seats inside the plane?
  6. That's the new budget tourist class.

    Good thing the pilot turned off the engine before it sucked that guy in.
  7. Stupid is as stupid does
  8. DDEBD3BE-78A0-4F07-AE7B-DDF9CC1E1576.jpeg
    First thing I thought of too. :D
  9. Posted for truth. Those engines are expensive.
  10. He is lucky that it was not a turboprop.
  11. Maybe he was on the Fred Flintstone econ flight. Ah shucks no movie on this flight.
  12. "When the pilot boosts power and I lean down like this I feel happy in a special place. Ooooooh, there he goes again. Oooooooh."


    Just some random caption practice.
  13. "Take that, TSA!"
  14. Trump and his racism. Dang it!
  15. The real question is where did they put his luggage?
  16. Paging Rep Omar, paging Rep Omar..... your ride is ready.
  17. Lot of leg room on that beast

    Shame a country is so bad it would force a man to do that.
  18. Didn’t they at least give him goggles?