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The only time I ever did something stupid like that was in High School and a bunch of friends wanted me to accompany them but I said I had to go to work - a friend called my boss and said she was my mother and that I was sick.

That was almost 40 years ago and I am still embarrassed.

If I am playing hooky I am open about it; this is usually when I am on the road and I'll take an extra day or two to do something personal. As an exempt employee my job is to get my work done. Even when on my own time I am still responding to emails and phone calls, so legally I am working even if 99% of my day is spent doing personal stuff.

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I've always been a hard a$$ at work and refused to take any crap off of bosses. Some of them really hated me, but they needed my technical skill.

That being said, I never missed work and I was on time with 100% perfect attendance. As long as I worked for the outfit, they could count on me every day.


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Where I worked people abused family leave like crazy . It seemed like 90% of my coworkers had it . It was a 24 hr factory , so when someone called in it cost the company more money in overtime for the person that had to stay over and fill there job . And it was a hardship to people that got forced to work 12 hrs doing their job .

I remember 2 people that used their family leave to miss work and were caught on TV at the ballgame . They were fired and we all had to go to a meeting about family leave misuse . I was happy they got caught .

About 300 people got fired once for profit sharing fraud . One of my coworkers had a scheme where is girlfriend who was a realtor would draw up false papers like they were buying their first house . He would charge them a percentage for this scheme . We could draw a certain percent out for that . When his girlfriend and him broke up , she ratted on him . The company did an investigation and fired everyone involved . You would see someone and then get walked out in the middle of the shift . It took us a couple weeks before we new what was going on . Some people knew that they were going to get fired in time . It took a few months to get to everyone involved .

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I never got caught other than when i just didn't show. My last job they typically had you working every day. My a.c. went out. I told my supervisor I needed what is supposed to be my off day off because I had a repair man coming to fix it. Gave plenty of notice and submitted the request in writting. Got told no, even though it wasn't vital for me to be there. I called Friday and left a message. Told him I meant no disrespect but I dont know what he expects me to do. I'm not going without ac in the summer. Won't be in today.

I heard he was mad about it.

A better story though is a co-worker that didn't have much sense. I could literally write a book about him and had I kept notes I might have.

We have generous vacation time. A month per year. My goal was to max mine out. (It rolls over). His was to have none. No vacation and no sick.

We had a point system. 12 points and you're out. Call in 12x in a year and you're potentially fired.

Well anyway, he was always at max points. I would tell him to cut that out. "We get evaluations next month they already think you're ****ty. At least wait till after then to ask the boss when you have points rolling off".

What does he do? The same day, "hey boss, how many points do I have? "

The boss says you just want to call in. He says, "naw" in response.

Calls in the next day when he finds out he has a point dropped off.

Always asking the bosses when points drop off even with me telling him not to multiple times.

One time he called in and a coworker texted him and said that our lead drove by his house and saw the car gone. Coworker was a really ******* type and told him he told the boss that he went to the casino.

What does he do?

Calls the boss and says "I dont care what anyone says, I'm not at the casino. "

Of course the boss had no idea what he was talking about it and laughed with us when he found out.

Another time, someone was messing with him. Told him that he heard the supervisors talking that they had him on camera doing pull ups on some equipment (which he did) and he was going to get in trouble for it.

We went back to work and I turned around and he was gone. I would have stopped him had I known.

He was in the office telling the supervisor, "so I heard that yall have me on camera doing pullups."

There was a laugh every day with him.

I can't say i blame him for taking off like that though. That was a terrible place to work. They literally did not care one bit about you. They'd have you work every day and they'd still *****.

Building manager once said we where going to have to work a month straight. No days off no time off approved.

Everyone was mad. Was going to tell him like it was. No one made a peep. But me.

Building manager was arguing that nights was getting weekends off because they make sacrifices working that shift. I said, well why can't we alternate weekends off? He wouldn't hear of it.

Pointed at each of us and said so you're good with this? Everyone said yes. I said I'll live I guess.

He held that against me forever. Could do no right afterwards.

I left for a competitor/customer of theirs. Same industry. Night and day difference.

My whole crew left. Eventually the guy who i said called in all the time was the senior guy on days and he took a job as a janitor to get away from them.

I know someone else that took a $10 pay cut to leave.

The lead took a $5 pay cut.

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Update:. They fired him. He lost a six figure job because of this. Good riddance!
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