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Even Dad digs the ATI Commander

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Took my adopted dad out for some blasting. He hadn't shot an M1911 since the early 1960s when he was doing his Army duty. So I brought out the Colt Lightweight Commander and the ATI M1911 GI (aka Filipino Commander).

The Colt shot low for him (as it was for me, it's a known issue that I need to fix), and though he liked the light weight, he didn't care for the recoil. The ATI's heft and less recoil were more to his liking.

The shots were made at the 10-yds line. The blue taped holes were shot with the Colt. The ATI's point of impact was pretty much at point of aim. When I told him how much the gun cost, his jaw dropped. He might consider trade in the SIG Sauer P229 .40SW for one of these suckers. I told him that he should, except that I haven't found any gun shop in Albuquerque that carries Filipino guns other than Sportman's Warehouse and I don't think those dudes do trade in. Maybe I'll see if he'd consider trade the SIG in for a Colt Commander and throw in some cash.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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